System use

There are four ways to use the equipment, depending on the type of resources and interactivity that are needed:

  • Interactive use

    when connecting to the computer you have access to limited and shared resources, invalid to perform simulations, but to make small compilations, work with files and interact with the system. The maximum memory available is 8GB

  • Remote Desktop

    for remote desktop access you can access through a browser to the following URL: through which you have access to a complete graphic system X11 to display and access those applications that have a graphical interface. However, it will not be possible perform long simulations or use more than 32GB of memory.

  • Dedicated interactive nodes

    it is possible to start sessions interactive but with dedicated resources using the command “compute” (for more information it can be used with the option –help) from the node the user connects to. Still, the maximum resources available are 24 cores and 5GB of memory per core and up to 8 hours.

  • Using the queuing system

    to perform simulations with multiple cores and large amounts of memory and time, it is necessary to use the queuing system, which guarantees the resources assigned to each user. The following section describes how queuing system is used.