The 316 Finis Terrae II nodes are grouped into partitions that are logical sets of nodes to which jobs can be submitted.

By default, all jobs are sent to the thin-shared partition made up of a small number of standard nodes. The use is shared between different jobs demanding a number of cores less than those available in a node (24). For parallel jobs demanding multiple nodes the thinnodes should be used. It is formed by standard nodes with exclusive use, so only one job can run on each node simultaneously. To submit jobs to these nodes, the option -p thinnodes must be used.

Additional integrated nodes are grouped into their own partitions (shared, gpu-shared-k2, …), so to use these nodes you will need to specify the desired partition with the -p option indicated above.

The same happens with AMD nodes, which are grouped in the partition amd-shared, or with CL-INTEL nodes grouped in the partition cl-intel-shared.