Applications, compilers and development tools

- Applications: CESGA provides a wide variety of pre-built applications, optimized for Finisterrae III. The primary way these are provided in the session environment is through modules. Please use the command module spider to see the complete list of available applications or refer to the Environmental modules section.

Applications are grouped into the following areas:

  • Comp: Compiler (key: area_compiler)

  • MPI: MPI library (key: area_mpi)

  • Bio: Bioinformatics (key: area_bioinformatics)

  • Chem: Chemistry and Materials (key: area_chemistryandmaterials)

  • Ed: Editor (key: area_editor)

  • ML: Machine Learning (key: area_machinelearning)

  • MPCFD: Multiphysics and CFD (key: area_multiphysicsandcfd)

  • Math: Math Library (key: area_mathlibrary)

  • Prof: Profiling (key: area_profiling)

  • ScA: Scientific Analysis (key: area_scientificanalysis)

  • Sim: Simulation (key: area_simulation)

  • Soft: Software Management (key: area_softwaremanagement)

  • Tool: Tool (key: area_tools)

  • VisF: Visualization and data formats (key: area_visualizationanddataformats)

Using the key associated with each area, it is possible to search for the applications grouped in it using the key option of the module command. The full list of applications available can be found at Cesga website or at available modules section.

- Compilers: Initially the recommended compilers for the C, C++, and Fortran languages are the included on the Intel® oneAPI HPC toolbox 2021.3. This suite will be updated as new versions will be released. Also GNU compilers are available in different versions.

- MPI: Intel MPI is included in the Intel® oneAPI HPC toolbox 2021.3. Different OpenMPI versions (started from 4.0.5 version) are also available.