Permanent storage

The storage system is divided into three principal partitions, each one with different memory space and file limits. To avoid unexpected failures we recommend verifying that you have enough space for your jobs before submitting them. Special care must be observed in the HOME quota. Inability to write to the home will cause many services and applications to crash.

If you are close to reach your quota and you need to increase the limits, you can ask for an Additional Storage Request.



User limits



Store code files

Low speed access


100.000 files



Store simulations final results

Low speed access


300.000 files



Simulation runs

High speed access


200.000 files


The copy of the $HOME directory is made and stored for only one week, so it is more of a snapshot than a backup. Only files from more than a week ago can be recovered upon request. To access the snapshot copies, enter FinisTerrae III normaly and execute cd .snapshot from you $HOME directory. To list the files, use ls.

You will see several folders which are copies of your $HOME directory from each of the past week’s days. This copy is automatically made during the night, so depending on when you deleted or added files, you may need to choose the appropriate folder from which to make the restore. To access the folders, simply execute cd daily.selected-date.

To copy only certain files to your $HOME directory, execute: cp .snapshot/daily.selected-date/rest-of-path-to-file /home/wherever-you-want-to-recover-the-file

It is recommended to only copy the necessary files and not to copy the entire daily directory. You could fill up your $HOME space and cause a failure. It is also recommended to use absolute paths on the above command.

Filesystem Quotas

The filesystems have usage quotas that limit both the maximum allowed number of files and the total space used. To see your current filesystem quotas and how close you are to reach the limits you can use the myquota command.

[swtest@login210-19 ~]$ myquota

  - HOME and Store filesystems:
Filesystem               space  quota   limit   files  quota  limit  3200M  10005M  10240M  42506  100k   101k   8K     800G    1024G   7      4295m  4295m

 - Special filesystems:
Filesystem                  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on   13T  9.2T  3.9T  71% /mnt/netapp1/Store_CESGA
total                        13T  9.2T  3.9T  71% -

 - LUSTRE filesystem:
Filesystem    used   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                   4k      3T    3.5T       -       1  200000  240000       -