Email notifications

When sending a job we may be interested in knowing when it starts, when it ends, if it has failed, etc. This can be acomplished by setting notifications to our email:


Notify the user by email when certain event types occur. Multiple type values may be specified in a comma separated list.

<type> could be:


  • INVALID_DEPEND: dependency never satisfied

  • TIME_LIMIT_90: reached 90 percent of time limit

  • TIME_LIMIT_80: reached 80 percent of time limit

  • TIME_LIMIT_50: reached 50 percent of time limit

  • ARRAY_TASKS: send emails for each array task


User email address to receive email notification of state changes as defined by --mail-type.


#SBATCH -N 2 #(solicita dos nodos)
#SBATCH -n 2 --mem-per-cpu=1G #(dos tareas en total)
#SBATCH -t 00:00:30 #(30 sec ejecución)
#SBATCH --mail-type=begin #Envía un correo cuando el trabajo inicia
#SBATCH --mail-type=end #Envía un correo cuando el trabajo finaliza
#SBATCH #Dirección a la que se envía
srun hostname

sbatch ./

Submitted batch job 16899

The notifications sended to the specified email address will be: